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Lititation Ready trial notebook system for attorneys to use to organize for trials


Here's the real solid, core, reason you need a trial notebook.

Good litigators are organized!  Top litigators use trial notebooks for their organization.

A trial notebook saves you time.  At the same time the trial notebook makes it easy for you to do your work.  A trial notebook is not just for trial.  It's for discovery, depositions, settlement, and (yes) trial.  Get organized, and relax.

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Tabs for Trial Notebook system called LitigationReady!Think about:

  1. efficiency;
  2. leadership; and
  3. sure movement to the next process in the case. 

Efficiency, leadership, and sure movement are the marks of successful litigators.  Those are the reasons why a physical trial notebook is needed, in addition to any computer (laptop or desktop) system you might have.

You want to be efficient in your use of time.  You are going to have to use paper in litigation.  When you are questioning a witness, you cannot be tied to a computer screen.  When you walk up to the judge's desk for a sidebar conference about an testimony objection,  you need citations or documents on paper to show the judge. You will only have a paper copy of what the opponent gave you last night in the courtroom, and you need to know where to find it instantly in the middle of a chambers argument. As you go thru a deposition or trial, you are making notes about what to ask a witness -- on paper, because you cannot afford to stop to type on a computer screen; you need a few notes where you can instantly retrieve them because you are organized.

Once you agree that you do use paper in a deposition or a trial, you need to remember what office management people for just about a century have said: "If you have to touch more than five pieces of paper to find what you want, something is wrong with your filing system." The plain, blunt fact is that the efficiency experts are right.  You need the efficiency of a notebook with tab dividers. A notebook system, with tab dividers, lets you find what you want efficiently and with a minimum break in the tempo of the questioning or the trial.  You need a trial notebook.

That leads us to our second point: and that is leadership. The jury (and the judge) want to find someone to lead them through the trial.  The lawyer who looks the most prepared becomes that leader, and that leader has a psychological edge. 

If you look at the top trial lawyers in the courtroom you will see that most of them some sort of loose-leaf notebook system. They do it not only because it is efficient and keeps them organized. They do it also because it makes them look like a leader.

And this leads us to the third point: sure movement to the next process in the case.. One of the reasons why the busy trial lawyers almost invariably use a trial notebook system is because that is the only way you and YOUR STAFF can keep a number of cases juggled. A trial notebook system allows you to go from case to case and pick up where your staff or you left off a week ago.  You must have a uniform system from case to case for you and your staff to find the basic information to go forward on a minutes notice.  A trial notebook serves that purpose best.

At this point you may say that you are convinced that a notebook system works.  You say you want to make your own system. That is fine if you can do it. The problem is that unless you both (a) are a management expert, and (b) have tested your system so you know it works, you are going to be spending time (that costs money) to develop your own system.

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