Deposition and Discovery Checklists, Trial Forms, Litigation Forms, and Trial Notebook!

"This trial Notebook System Will Cut Your Final Trial Prep Time By As Much As 47%.

-- You must be satisfied or you get your money back."

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Leonard Bucklin
Civil Trial Attorney

Consider your small investment a little "emotional insurance policy." When you walk into depositions or trial feeling prepared, you will feel confident that you are confident and ready. The other side will notice your organization, which projects to them as power!

Use the "best practices" of winning trial attorneys -- a trial notebook system, with those practices, right now.  Choose between two versions::

  • (1) Condensed (about 200 pages), cheaper ($69.80), and electronic eBook version (immediately downloadable);  or

  • (2) Three volumes, (950 plus pages, annually updated hard copy, loose-leaf version with more forms and lots of text giving you law and tactics  (shipped to you).

Whichever version you pick, you get the a copyrighted trial notebooks system by Leonard Bucklin. They differ in the several respects described below.

Trial notebook with instructions and organization forms for litigation

Choice # 1.  A quick and inexpensive electronic e-book to copy into your word processor and print. The  condensed, LitigationReady!, immediately downloadable, e-book version, in PDF format,  gives you a trial notebook system now, not tomorrow. 

Use your eBook in your computer and print out forms today! We deliver electronically --- as the integrated last part of the automated purchase process. As you complete your on-line purchase, your browser is automatically redirected to a new webpage with your link to click to download. Click the link as instructed, and you have the eBook in your computer. It's that quick!

More about the  downloadable e-book, Litigation Ready©!

Choice 2.  A three volume loose-leaf set.  Some attorneys want a larger, more inclusive, hard copy "regular book" with additional text (e.g., more advice on picking a jury, or organizing the MVA case take-in process) and forms, in loose-leaf format, and with one empty trial notebook with index tabs set up ready to go.  Such a hard copy set, (800 plus pages) for handling your discovery and trial, updated and supplemented annually, is available through James Publishing.

More about the three volume hard copy set, Building Trial Notebooks, from the James Publishing web site.


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