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Trial Notebook System for Litigation Lawyers who want to be Organized!LitigationReady!™ --- A trial notebook system for discovery and trial.

"For peace of mind you should use a trial notebook system for organizing any case in litigation!"

Our trial notebook system is LitigationReady™ Designed and used by a trial lawyer with recognized accomplishments. It works!  Both top litigators in large firms and new attorneys in solo practice tell us so.

"Mr. Leonard Bucklin and Staff:

Although I have been in solo practice for six years, I had never been able to go to trial. When this case came up and I realized that there couldn't be a settlement, I began to look for information on trial presentation. When I narrowed my search to trial notebooks, I began to research for the best and most effective. That was when I found you and your firm.

Speaking as a 'rookie' the information you sent made me feel very comfortable in preparing for trial. Everything seemed to be there. It answered my questions and gave an organized direction in preparing for my first trial as an attorney.

Unfortunately, when I advised that I was ready for trial, opposing counsel requested a three month continuance!"

        - Robert Brode, California attorney.

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Here is what the the trial lawyer author says:

"Most attorneys have no real system to prepare for depositions and trial.  Typically, I see opposing counsel fumbling through their files, stalling, wasting everyone's time and embarrassing themselves because they have no real system to keep them organized.

But that doesn't have to be you.

Take a look at a notebook system that  seasoned litigation attorneys have been using for years.  In fact, this LitigationReady trial, deposition, and litigation notebook system is so powerful, even experienced attorneys will wonder how you beat them.

This proven system is guaranteed to organize your case in less time, with more efficiency.  And, you'll be so prepared for your deposition or trial, you can focus on being your best in the court room."

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The power of organization does manifest itself to the opposing counsel. 
When you walk in feeling prepared, the other side will notice.  An old mentor of mine once said, "The trial game is 75% perception."  It's still true today.

When you get to a deposition or to the courthouse for trial, everything will be in order. You will maintain an appearance of purpose and drive. The object of this notebook system is --- deposition and courtroom success through ability to organize.
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LitigationReady!™ contains text discussing the issues covered, and  ready-to-use forms. Instructions and usage explanations are provided. And, with all the forms available in PDF format on your computer, you can print them out or modify them to meet your specific needs. Collectively, these instructions and forms, and the organization principles behind them, will help you establish profitable, routines so you can move swiftly to be ready for your depositions and trials.

The LitigationReady™notebook system consists of your notebook, the tab dividers we instruct you to install, and our instructions and forms. Behind each of the notebook dividers is an instruction sheet explaining how that section of the trial  -  deposition - settlement - litigation notebook is to be used.  Our applicable forms and your case materials are inserted behind the tab, for quick access and order during depositions and trials.

This is the best single source for organization for depositions and trial of civil cases. Its tabbed pages and unique organization help you as the attorney prepare and move quickly and surely through litigation. See sample instruction.

"A trial notebook is not just for trial anymore. Smart lawyers use a trial notebook for their depositions!"

Smart lawyers use their trial notebook for organizing the entire discovery process.

There's more! The forms are designed to be reproduced by your own staff on your own copying machine.  The forms, if purchased separately in CD or downloadable form would cost several hundred dollars.  Buy this system, in PDF format, copy, and print, your own forms, customized by you on your own word processor.

With LitigationReady™ you are ready for the entire process of litigation,  from office intake through trial. Click here to own LitigationReady right now!

Written by a Fellow of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers.

I was one of the first attorneys to use a single trial notebook system for all litigation processes, office organization, depositions, settlement negotiations,  and trials.  When I first did it, many lawyers were still using yellow legal pads and wondering if video depositions could be used in the courtroom!  Since then, I have has constantly refined this trial notebook system.  You now can get this simple method, with working forms that allow lawyers and their secretaries and legal assistants to work seamlessly together.

Key Benefits of the LitigationReady™ Notebook System.

  • You get instructions, litigation guides, and organization that will power your caseload. See sample instruction from LitigationReady!.
  • Download the trial notebook now as an eBook for immediate use.
  • The instructions are designed for both the lawyer and also the legal assistant. Legal assistants and secretaries receive clear instructions.
  • Reproduce the forms for all of your cases. Never pay for the forms again.
  • With the system in place, your case is Organized !
  • With each case you use this system, you will find your examination and cross-examination of witnesses flows more easily.
  • Compared to your hourly charge , the cost is negligible. (Less than an  hour of your hourly rate.)  Compared to the amount of time you will save with the notebook system, it will be your best buy of the year!
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Do the math!  If you gain an hour  by using any legal form, and if you bill at a rate of $150 per hour, that legal form is worth $150 to you.

Use this $69.80 notebook system only five times this year, and you have gained $750 of time!

But you will be gaining much more than time increasing revenue. 

You gain organization, confidence, and a winning case!

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A trial notebook forces the attorney to get organized and think about all aspects of the case. Getting organized will result in a better understanding of the lawsuit. Everything is in place for depositions.  Power is ready for settlement. The final payoff comes in helping you try your case and effectively examine witnesses, introduce exhibits, and represent your client before both the jury and the judge.

Most cases end in a settlement.  Our LitigationReady  trial notebook system is also a great help in organization for settlement negotiations and alternative dispute resolution.  Keep the respect of the adverse attorney.  Organization of your litigation, keeping the other side responding to you (instead of letting them have the initiative), and showing consistent and efficient organization at depositions is a  key in keeping the respect of the adverse attorney. That leads to a win at settlement negotiations and alternative dispute resolutions.

Read more about "benefits of using a trial notebook system
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Trial Notebook system in loose-leaf volumes plus CD of forms

P. S. Some attorneys have said they would pay more for a bigger, 800 plus pages, multi-volume, hard copy, "law book" for their shelves, in loose-leaf format supplemented each year, including one empty trial notebook with index tabs set up to go.  Such a hard copy set is now available through James Publishing at their site. It's got lots of litigation tips and tactics, plus lots of forms.

 If you want the extensive three volume ,loose-leaf binders, hard copy go to the James Publishing site

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