This is a sample of the type of instructions you receive in the copyrighted trial notebook system LitigationReady!   LitigationReady! is an e-book, which is delivered to you immediately into your computer for printing and your use - right now.

This also is a sample of the type of instructions you receive in the copyrighted trial notebook system Building Trial Notebooks.  Building Trial Notebooks is a loose-leaf book, which includes an empty binder with index tabs ready to use.

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( Refer to the general instructions for the full discussion of how to use this specific section of the litigation notebook.)

Prepare one Witness Summary form for each one of our witnesses. Fill in the name and contact information.  Place the Witness Summary forms behind the Our Witnesses tab. Put the forms in alphabetical order.

Unless you have been instructed to do so, let the attorney prepare the rest of the witness summary form, either by handwriting or dictating what is to be typed on the form. 

File behind the Witness Summary form, for each witness, the miscellaneous materials which are helpful in handling the witness, such as copies of statements, copies of the attorney's notes of interviews or miscellaneous facts, diagrams or notes about what others have to - anything that can be helpfully used in examination of the witness.

Behind the included "Witness Summary" form in this kit, you will find a form titled "What other witnesses are there?". Give that page to our client. Ask the client to make notes and return it to you. It is important to see if they know someone you have not asked or thought about. It is also impressive to the client if you give them some form of homework that recognizes their ability to contribute to the case.

Attorneys --- read the following instructions in this box.  You can do the following yourself,  or you can instruct your legal assistant or secretary as appropriate to our situation.

The Witness Summary sheet has a section "What the witness can prove". Notes should be made here, listing, in summary form, the items this witness can say. Write these items down under the line for "What Can Witness Prove." Quite frequently, this listing of expected testimony will need to be revised prior to the trial, but this is the basic place to list the crucial items that the witness can provide. Remember, this is only a summary of the essential points.

The form has a space to indicate the personal characteristics of that witness. When a deposition is taken of the witness, or the witness is interviewed, the attorney should make notes, on the form provided, as to the appearance and demeanor of the witness. This information helps in determining the method of handling that particular witness.



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