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This is our site map, which is a different way to find forms, questions outlines, tips, advice, and eBooks for handling depositions, discovery, litigation, settlement, and trials.

BODILY INJURY: Various deposition, discovery and trial legal forms for attorneys and legal assistants. The primary form in this BI suite is the Plaintiff's Bodily Injury Deposition or Testimony Checklist. There are more forms. They range from a deposition question outline checklist to a letter of protection regarding medical bills. This page is a description of several legal forms or proven tips and advice that involves personal injury bodily injury claims.  However, in addition, at the Medical Depositions portion of our catalog (below), we have an additional grouping regarding the deposition and trial testimony of medical doctors and medical personnel.
Plaintiff Injury Testimony. This of course is the main item in this grouping.
Spouse BI Testimony
Letter of Protection, Plaintiffs' attorneys can use this form in almost every case.
Plaintiff’s Request to Medical Providers for Amount of Medical Bill. Use before giving final settlement advice.
Request Admissions Medical Expense
Bodily Injury Claimant Take-Home Form . Items you ask your plaintiff client to bring you, plus some standard advice to give your client.
Defense Demand For Disclosure of Damages. This form is designed for defense attorneys only. And only for BI cases in federal court.
Parent's Testimony of Damages in Wrongful Death Case - a checklist of questions that is used again and again over the years of your litigation practice.
HIPAA Compliant Subpoena Process. HIPAA has made subpoenaing a medical witness time and effort consuming. Our checklist and forms will get you there faster.
Medical Release / Authorization Forms. Medical authorizations must comply with federal HIPAA regulations. Seventeen page report and four choices of medical releases.
The patient's HIPAA right to change mistakes in the medical record --- an opportunity for both sides of the BI case.

Packet of Form Authorizations for Employment/Education Info. These authorization forms speed you on your way to educational and employment information about a party (your client or theirs).

DEPOSITION FORMS:  This page describes the best sellers in our question outline checklists for attorneys and legal assistants.  But there are others in various places that are useful deposition tools.  Examples of what is on this master page are:
Before Testimony: Instructions to Witness
Witness Instructions for Video Recorded Depositions.
Client Preparation - Deposition or Trial - Bodily Injury
Videographer -Instructions for Deposition
Form motion and objections to stop deposition. You must make your objections to the taking of a deposition ASAP. You are on the edge of losing position and your client's rights. You need a solid, battle-tested, form. Now!
Deposition Objections Report and Checklist.
Notice of Taking Deposition of an Organization.  A complete and powerful form notice for taking the deposition of a corporation, partnership, or other organization, plus proven best tips and tactical advice on the subject of these depositions.
Deposition Checklist: Assets Examination Questions. Need to ask about assets of the person who is the adversary? Here is the deposition checklist of questions you need, because they never taught you to do an asset examination in law school.

ESI - ELECTRONICALLY STORED INFORMATION DISCOVERY AND USE forms and advice.  <--The main page is a good place to start browsing for this sort of form.
Deposition of company IT Officer or computer person starts with checklist for eDiscovery
Suggested protocol for inspection of adverse party's computers. We had this available long before the federal discovery rules make it an obligation of counsel to meet and discuss electronic data.  This is a handy  checklist to use for discussions with adverse counsel about the mechanics of who will do what, when, and with what safeguards, during an adverse inspection of company computers.
Clawback Agreement to prevent waiver of privilege during exchange of electronically stored information.
Litigation Hold form letters: (1) to own client;  and (2) to adverse attorney.
Protocol for Inspection of Forensic Image of ESI. A form for discovery of the contents of a copy/image of ESI, by agreement or by court order, that protects privileged matter.

EXPERT WITNESS: Proven expert witness question outline checklists, forms, and advice.  LawyerTrialForms™ has battle-tested, proven forms for attorneys to use in handling expert witnesses --- their own and the opposition's
Request for Files. You need the adverse expert's files before you decide to take his/her deposition. With this form, your legal assistant can quickly draft the demand.
Deposition of Adverse Expert Witness: A question outline deposition checklist for attorneys
Tecum: Adverse Expert. This is a page of free advice, not a form for sale. Read it if you are taking the deposition of an adverse expert
Expert Witness Opinion Admissibility Checklist This is a handy and short checklist you can use in about any situation.
Legal Form Request to Our Expert Witness re his/her Report.
Pretrial Order Form on Expert Opinion Admissibility.   Prevent an evidentiary exclusion motion or objection that mousetraps you at a bad time.
EX03  The Ultimate Liability Questions for Your Expert.  Free! Three pattern questions to ask your expert in direct testimony in most negligence cases.
EX0802 Ten Categories Cross (of experts).  Free! This one page form is designed to be placed in your trial notebook, ready for those times when you need to build a cross-examination quickly during a deposition or trial.

FEE AWARDS, ATTORNEY'S  A concise handbook (199 packed pages) of law, tips and forms. It's the basic reference for recovering, or defeating, an award of attorney's fees. Contains forms, including deposition question outline checklist.

LEGAL ETHICS:  Preparation of a Witness for a Deposition.  Free!  A report on the legal ethics questions involved in preparing a witness for his/her deposition.
WIT5102 Telling witnesses not to talk to the other side gives you short statement of limitations of what you can do, and then a form to do the maximum you can do in asking independent witnesses not to talk to the other side.

LIQUOR LIABILITY:  The 48 pages of the .Liquor Liability Deposition Questions Suite contains dram shop alcoholic beverage service deposition outline questions, alcohol impairment foundation and non-party deposition questions and outline checklists, plus advice that top litigation lawyers only have in their notebooks after a dozen dram shop cases.

MEDIA RESPONSE: When you meet the press, know what you want to say.

MEDICAL DEPOSITIONS & TRIAL TESTIMONY Several different types of deposition and trial testimony, direct and cross-examinations, are covered by the various forms in this category.  See a listing of the various testimony outlines for the examination of medical personnel. In addition, you might like to also see.

MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT: Deposition question outline checklists for driver, police officer, witness; plus notices and other discovery or trial forms for use in car crash, truck 18 wheeler cases, motorcycle cases, and vehicle/pedestrian cases.
Driver Questions Checklist For deposition examinations or trial testimony use.
Notice to Deposed Driver to Bring Items To Deposition
Truck Driver Control Deposition Questions Checklist  Who has control and thus can be imputed with the negligence of the driver?   This form focuses on that aspect of the driver's deposition.
Notice of Taking Deposition of Company regarding control of driver in motor vehicle accident case .
For depositions of the employer of a driver involved in a motor vehicle accident,  whether it be an 18 wheeler truck case or a two car automobile case, this form notice of deposition of organization regarding the issues of control and of independent negligence of the employer puts you on the right track
Police Officer Testimony Checklist  This form works for both plaintiff and defendant, and for investigation, depositions, or trial testimony.
Request for Admissions - Plaintiff's - MVA Rear End cases
Photo Assignment by attorney to investigator Automates the process of asking your client or an investigator to take some photos of the vehicles and streets involved.
Initial Litigation Hold - Spoliation Notice - to Truck Company  This copyrighted Plaintiff's Initial Spoliation Letter to Truck Company is so powerful, even experienced truck company risk management officers will know you are organized and loaded for action.
Before or After Witness. Interview, deposition, or trial questions checklist For witnesses who were not riding in a vehicle involved in the motor vehicle accident (MVA), but who saw the occurrence or events leading up to it. And for witnesses who arrived only after the crash, including ambulance, fire, and tow truck personnel.

OFFICE and LITIGATION CASE ORGANIZATION.  Tips and ideas to make your practice of law better and easier. We have more articles or forms than those listed below, two, but you get the idea what is in our organization section. (We also have some additional tips in the articles in the Power Litigation section of our website.
For  example, in the organization section of our website, we have a tip on Dealing with Rambo when he/she misrepresents your oral conference.  Your bar association or court rules probably require you to get consent from your client before you associate other attorneys on a fee-splitting basis.
Another example in this class of forms: a form for getting (and documenting) client consent to a fee-split with other attorneys.
First Letter to Bodily Injury Plaintiff Client. Give a dozen type of information by instructing your secretary to prepare this form letter for you to sign when you start a new plaintiff's BI case.
ORG1007. Litigation Case Management Checklist. A case management checklist form as your plan to Move this Case Forward!  Every Step of the Way there is an item that "Moves your case forward!" through discovery to conclusion by negotiation or trial. Makes it easy to organize what you do and assign tasks to ;your legal assistant or other attorneys.

ORG301403. First Letters to Insurance Claims Manager and Insured Bodily Injury Defendant.  Two form letters impress the insurance claims manager and the insured with your sure handling of the assigned defense, while moving the defense forward quickly and establishing patterns of communication to your benefit.

POWER LITIGATION™ TIPS AND TACTICS: As a litigation professional, you need to know not only the best way to handle all the paperwork, but also the strategies that can maximize your impact on the adversary. You need to know about the best Standard Operating Procedures, best practices, using checklists and forms with your clients and witnesses, electronic evidence gathering, deposition techniques, and organizing your trial notebook.. Our free POWER LITIGATION section has pages of advice on litigation-tested strategies to keep your cases moving forward, increase your productivity in discovery and trial, and give you an advantage when dealing with your adversary attorney. E.g., Judicial Notice and the Internet, an article about taking judicial notice of a fact on the Internet.
One of our latest and most read is Reading a deposition into evidence.  The law and 1s theatrical tips to accomplish what you want - jurors who actively listen to your reading.
Terminating representation of client - 6 page checklist to avoid malpractice and ethics violations - is a must use checklist if you have an SOB client you want to fire!

Phoning clients at their workplace, or emailing them there. This is one of those "wake-up" articles you should read. It contains two specific duties you have if your clients are employed, even if their case does not involve their employer in any way.

Don't leave discovery without a Catch-All Demand for Production!  This demand for production and inspection should be the last demand you send out, before the end of the discovery period.

PRODUCT LIABILITY: Witness or party deposition and trial questions checklist form by LawyerTrialForms.

PREMISES LIABILITY: Deposition outline checklists and pattern question deposition forms by LawyerTrialForms.
Deposition Checklist Premises Liability Plaintiff Deposition Checklist
Premises Liability Defendant Deposition Checklist.

The two forms above, our form checklists PREM003 and PREM006, are two sides of the coin in a premises case. PREM003 is primarily for taking the deposition of the defendant.  PREM006 is primarily for taking the deposition of the plaintiff or of fact witnesses.

Depo of Organization
Premises liability negligence cases: Request to Inspect Premises. Legal Form.
PREM111 Interrogatories and Demands for Production, to Defendant. Always needed in premises liability cases involving either the condition of real estate and buildings, or what happened on the premises. For plaintiffs only, this unified set gives you a solid foundation for drafting the needed initial written discovery.

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS from Support at LawyerTrialForms.  They are at the FAQ page (it is really an IWAAQ -"infrequently we are asked a question" page .  We started business this century.  We have a list of every question we have ever been asked in the last century and in this century.  There are less than a dozen.  Our automatic delivery system when you purchase is so reliable, and our instructions so simple, that we only get one or two requests for support every month! That is why we do not pay someone to sit and watch for support contact requests, and only respond to support requests during our normal business hours. If you do have a question, use the FAQ page.  If you have a new question, it will be one we have not been asked during two different centuries!

RESOURCES, ADDITIONAL relating to Lawyer Trial Forms

TRIAL FORMS. This page describes the best sellers in our trial legal forms, and checklists for litigation lawyers.
The Workhorse Two Dozen: the best trial testimony objections checklist and law summary for active in-battle use.

Why use a trial notebook?;
Two versions of the trial notebook system LitigationReady! are available. 
Battle-Quick Exhibit Foundations checklist and the Workhorse Two Dozen objections to testimony checklist.

WITNESS PREPARATION: Form materials improve testimony of witnesses at deposition and trials.
Before Testimony: Instructions to Witness
Pointers: Video Depo
Client Preparation - Deposition or Trial - Bodily Injury
Videographer -Instructions for Deposition
Personal injury client subjected to independent or adverse medical examination needs advice. This page of information is for attorneys. The form the client needs is below.
Handout for IME
Attorneys, give your personal injury client a checklist interview form. Clients can fill out the form and save you time, while gathering extra nuggets of information.
Form block of questions for depositions or in client/witness preparation. Social media causes trap for you and witnesses

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