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You get three (3) guarantees - for your assurance and security!

  1. You get our "Best guarantee in the law forms business" guarantees that you can get your money back without question - just ask - if you do not want the form anytime in in the first 60 days you use it.
  2. You get the PayPal guarantee that you will get what you paid for (the same guarantee you get on eBay).
  3. You get your credit card guarantee that you will get what your paid for.

 Three guarantees -- from three independent sources - just for you and your one transaction.  That is a superior level of protection to you.

Why do we use PayPal for our payment system?Official PayPal Seal

Because we emphasize security, and PayPal is the most secure on line payment system you as a buyer can use.
(It's the system e-Bay uses.)

Because PayPal gives you an independent guarantee of our performance. With PayPal you know you are buying from a verified buyer, and will get exactly what you order. 

PayPal is also the most secure payment system we as a seller can use for your security --- PayPal is free for buyers.  You do not pay for the service.  We do the paying for the state of the art security on credit card payment.

  • PayPal is known for being state of the art security for buyers. 128 bit encryption of what you send over the internet is only the start.  That is why eBay, the place more items are sold than anyplace else on the Internet, makes PayPal available for buyers. PayPalís antifraud technology is a leader in the industry. They use state-of-the-art technology to prevent fraud, and their expert staff monitors transactions 24/7, enabling you to pay safely.
  • You wonít find another online financial institution thatís better at protecting its buyers and sellers than PayPal. By utilizing the latest in secure technology and employing a large team of experts in all areas of online safety, PayPal continues to be a leader in safe online payments.
  • Shop without the security that the seller never sees your credit card or bank numbers. PayPal enables you to pay safely --- without us as the seller ever seeing your bank account or credit card numbers.  We never see your bank account or credit card numbers, and we never have them stored on our computer.
  • Both you and we get protection against fraud. PayPal enables us as a seller to receive your payment without hackers seeing our bank account or credit card account or otherwise following an electronic money trail to get to our information or to our computer network.

Our forms and books are in PDF. All you need to read and print them out in your office is
Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free. (And you probably have it already!)

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