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But here ---- we have available a form directly targeting products liability, to wit --- the Products Liability Deposition Checklist - Plaintiff or Accident Fact Witness.

This products liability checklist is a deposition or trial, question outline intended for products liability attorneys, both plaintiff and defense counsel.  

Defense counsel  will use it in examining the plaintiff or any accident fact witness involved in litigation of a claim of defective products.  Use this form checklist during a deposition in a manufacturing / assembly / design / warnings case.  It is also a good beginning outline that you can build on, in preparing cross examination questions for trial. 

Plaintiff's counsel will use this outline as a handy checklist in witness preparation, in preparing the plaintiff client to testify. This form has the range of items  a good defense lawyer will ask the plaintiff. (Shouldn't your client be prepared to deal with these questions?) Use this checklist in the office when you are preparing your client to testify and hold up under cross-examination.

Moreover this "Plaintiff or Fact Witness" question outline checklist is needed by you as a plaintiff attorney to depose any product case accident fact witness efficiently, clearly, and comprehensively.

Products Liability Deposition Checklist - to either Plaintiff or Accident Fact Witness



Depositions are a key part of product defect cases.  The liability of non-liability of the defendant may depend on the answers given by the plaintiff or a fact witness during his/her deposition.  To avoid disappointment, you as an attorney need an outline, in checklist form, of the questions to be asked. 

Do not be one of those defense attorneys who walks out after the deposition and realizes that crucial areas of questioning have been forgotten.  Do not be one of those plaintiff attorneys who walks out of the deposition and realizes that the plaintiff had not been prepared  by you to answer questions on a make-or-break issue. 

Neither of the above has to be you, if you are armed with a comprehensive testimony examination question checklist developed by a senior trial attorney with years of products liability experience.

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