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Premises Liability - Deposition Questions Outlines, interrogatories, demands, other legal forms,  to organize you, and speed your discovery with efficiency. Guaranteed!

Checklists - You will be so prepared for your deposition questions, you can focus on the other aspects in developing the case. Other legal forms for discovery, requests and interrogatories - a lawyer mentor in a box, coaching you on the points you should consider in the premises liability case, during your examination of the adverse party, or of a witness, and in all phases of discovery. 

Review this list for items to make your life easier:

Our form checklists PREM003 and PREM006 are for different parties.

Both forms have pattern question outlines for depositions involving the use or ownership of land and buildings, whether the case is a slip and fall case, a fires and explosion case,  a product malfunction on premises case, or building construction, maintenance, or operation.

In addition, these forms are also useful for:

(investigation) preparation for investigation of the premises and of the other side's possible information.

(trial) preparation of trial questions.

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ELEC3324 Deposition Checklist for Discovery of Corporation's Electronic Files and Data  This is a "must-have" if either you have a corporate adversary or you are the attorney representing a company on any side of the case. (As you know, most of a corporation's information is stored electronically, and usually never printed out. This deposition checklist  is good not only for preparing for taking the deposition of a corporation, or preparing the corporate client for depositions.  This checklist outline form also gives you ideas for your demand for production of documents or your interrogatories inquiring about electronic data and documents.

The deposition question outline forms and other litigation forms in this section of our product catalog focus on premises cases, whether it is a retail store customer fall down, a property loss or personal injury from fire or explosion, a product failure on premises,  the bodily injury of a construction worker, the collapse of a building, or any other personal injury or property damages  arising on premises of the defendant.  The unifying features of all these cases, that brings them under the umbrella of premise liability law, is the design, construction, maintenance, and operation of the real estate premises, including protection of the occupants during operations on the premises.

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Forms are applicable to building construction defects, negligent inspection, maintenance, supervision and operation of premises, landowner and occupier liability resulting in bodily injury or property damages arising from tort or beach of warranty,  including personal injury slip from and fall, or property damage from fire.