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Litigation-tested tactics and strategies. Not only tips and proven tactics in these articles. The following also include forms for your office and trial notebook. They increase your productivity, and maximize your advantages, in discovery, settlement, and trial.

"Making Good Lawyers Better." That is the prime reason for our constant addition of more items for you to read and use!

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Today’s legal staff has to keep 30 or more cases actively in process at all times. And each of those dozens of cases can become a labyrinthine nightmare of pretrial discovery, pretrial motions, and court rulings setting deadlines and tasks.

 As a litigation professional, you need to know not only the best way to handle all the paperwork and electronic documents, but also the strategies that can maximize your impact on the adversary. You need to know about the best checklists, best forms, best practices, and best tactics for your work with clients, witnesses, attorneys, and the courts. That's why we offer them to you.

It is NOT as plan to say: "We need to get this case ready for settlement in August and ready for trial in November." That's only a wish. It's not even a goal, because a goal includes specific and measurable steps, and plan involves even more, including a list of specific tasks assigned to the most efficient person to get that specific task done.
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