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Inform plaintiff in personal injury case with legal form.

Form - First Letter to Plaintiff BI Client

A legal form client information letter to use every time you start a plaintiff bodily injury (BI) case. An easy and proven method of informing your client of a dozen items.  First Letter to Client BI Plaintiff will make clients admire your efficiency, realize you are experienced in BI cases, and educate them, all to your advantage.

First Letter to Client BI Plaintiff gives you:

bullet First Letter to Client BI Plaintiff makes it easy to delegate the task of giving a client a dozen types of information. Just tell your secretary to prepare this form letter for you to sign in every new case for a personal injury plaintiff.
bullet First Letter to Client BI Plaintiff gives you the first step in your flow of information to your client.  An informed client is usually a client happy with you.
bullet First Letter to Client BI Plaintiff solves a time problem you would otherwise have, solving it before it starts. You know it is good business to  keep your client bodily injury (BI) plaintiff informed, but --- and here is the problem  that the form solves ---you don't have excess time to draft a client letter or handout that will explaining what will happen and what to expect.
bullet First Letter to Client BI Plaintiff educates the client to phone your legal assistant instead of you.  You will find that your legal assistant can handle most routine requests for information her/him self.
bullet First Letter to Client BI Plaintiff saves you time. Starting a letter by using a form beats dictating a letter from scratch every time. Over the years this form will save you hours of time. Modern management doctrine proclaims that the quicker you can produce the product, the more money you will make in a year.
bullet First Letter to Client BI Plaintiff gives you the confidence of good case management, and lets you move your next effort to the right place.
(That feeling alone is worth the small price of the form.)
bullet First Letter to Client BI Plaintiff is a small investment with a great return.

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First Letter to Client BI Plaintiff starts out with a management suggestion to you of a standard operating procedure of four items you can delegate to a secretary or legal assistant that will produce a case flow of information to the client during the litigation.  Then this product follows with the legal form letter you will use with every personal injury plaintiff client you have.

First Letter to Client BI Plaintiff produces a letter that explains realities of litigation and enlists cooperation, with sections labeled:

  • Fact gathering.
  • Evaluating the claim.
  • Filing a lawsuit.
  • Discovery.
  • Interrogatories.
  • Depositions.
  • Personal medical examination.
  • Settlement process.
  • Amount of recovery.
  • Confidential relationship.
  • Keeping you informed.
  • Efficiency.
  • Legal assistant.

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