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Move your case with a planed set of items to be done.

A PLANNED set of items to

Move this Case Forward!

If you do not have our trial notebook system, you should use a detailed case management checklist form with a plan to Move this Case Forward!  Every item in this form is an instruction that moves your case forward --- from the first day of the case to the bang of the judge's gavel at the opening of the trial.

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."  - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Discover Move this Case Forward! A detailed action checklist. A plan that works!

Move this Case Forward! does the following for you:
bullet Move this Case Forward! gives you a plan --- a detailed list of action steps, divided into 23 major sections.
bullet Move this Case Forward! lets you and your entire staff know where you are on the planned track to success. You don't wonder who has done what and what needs to be done next -- Completed items have been checked off. 
bullet Move this Case Forward! lists individual tasks to be done - making it easier for you to delegate a task.
bullet Move this Case Forward! gets you fee for services - faster. Modern management doctrine proclaims that the quicker you can produce the product that will get you paid, the more money you will make in a year.
bullet Move this Case Forward! gives you the confidence of case management that shows what you have done and helps you insert your next effort in the right place. (That feeling is worth the small price of the form.)
bullet Move this Case Forward! is a small investment with a great return.

Use your form today!  We deliver electronically. At the end of your purchase,
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Move this Case Forward! contains 8 pages of items, divided into the following 23 major divisions.

  1. Court, Trial and Pretrial Conference Dates

  2. Presuit Legal Matters

  3. Pleadings

  4. Client Interactions

  5. Basic First Steps

  6. Experts & Witnesses

  7. Photographs; Documents' Exhibits

  8. What Other Liability-Facts or Non-ESI Exhibits should be Gathered?

  9. Damages

  10. What Other Damages-Facts should be Gathered?

  11. Electronically Stored Information

  12. Court Ordered Cutoff Date for All Discovery

  13. Witness Designation Dates; Damages Records; Exhibits

  14. Discovery

  15. Oral Depositions

  16. What Other Discovery Should Be Done?

  17. Additional Items Agreed with Adverse Counsel

  18. Motions

  19. Legal Research

  20. Review Letters

  21. Settlement and Mediation

  22. Final Preparation for Trial

  23. Conferences with Witnesses to Prepare Each for Trial

Don't just say: " While I'm gone next week, if you have some spare time work on the Jones case." Give your office staff a checklist with specific items to accomplish. 

It is NOT a plan to say: "This case needs to be ready for mediation by next August, or this case needs to be ready for trial by September 18th." Those statements of goals don't actually accomplish anything except spin mental wheels.

You and your staff need to look at a written plan of what needs to be done and  check off what has been done.  Written checklist plans to reach a goal are the mark of money-making, client-attracting, litigation lawyers.

Move this Case Forward! is a detailed management checklist that records and lets you know where you are in the case, increases delegation, reduces stress, and produces a superior plan to get you to your goal. It works.  Use it once and you - and your legal assistant - will be a believer who will use it on all your cases.  You and your team move  in an organized and directed manner.

We are selling this long detailed checklist, with 23 major sections, until midnight of , for only $34. Click the "Buy Now" button for Move this Case Forward!

See all the legal forms, eBooks, and articles. Trial and Deposition Legal Forms and Checklists for Lawyers: LTF 

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