Medical deposition and trial outlines to question doctors and checklists for medical discovery are basic weapons -- in a bodily injury litigator's armory.

Save hours of time: use our extensive deposition and trial questions outline checklist forms involving the testimony on medical issues in bodily injury litigation practice. 

Most personal injury attorneys buy at least two of the following forms.

(Note: medical authorizations and more subpoena forms / info are listed in our Bodily Injury area.)

Save time. Save hours of preparation time. Be better, faster! Use available extensive deposition and trial questions checklist forms involving the medical and personal injury expert testimony in your cases.  Start with a time advantage! Use forms available through the above links.
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Our two most popular deposition question outline checklists involving medical testimony are:

A lawyers' favorite. - For Plaintiff offices. Plaintiff Attorney Direct Examination (Deposition or Trial) of Plaintiff's Treating Doctor. Designed to give a psychologically effective path to communicate the serious nature of the bodily injury through the treating physician or surgeon.  A 16 page report of advice and questions outline checklist form.

A lawyers' favorite. - for Defense offices. Defense Deposition Examination of Plaintiff's Treating Doctor. Designed to cover a dozen areas that defense attorneys will want to ask questions about during the deposition of the doctor that treated the plaintiff.  (Of course, a plaintiff's attorney, or even doctors preparing for deposition questions, can use this form to be refreshed on items that will likely be asked by experienced defense counsel.) A 11 page report of advice and questions outline checklist form.

The legal forms, advice articles, and checklists in this Medical section of our catalog are concerned with testimony in depositions of doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel.  These forms zero both on the medical issues of testimony in bodily injury litigation, but also on the testimony question to get the testimony you want to convince the trier of fact that your side is right. Therefore, we also have in this Medical section items for written testimony, such as our #MED4707 (testimony needed for medical records foundation in written interrogatories deposition.)

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"Making Good Lawyers Better".  The forms in this section of  the catalog involve issues of bodily injury, and the testimony of medical providers, such as doctors, nurses, hospital worker, laboratory and electronic medical  technicians, physical therapists, et cetera.