Research section of Bucklin.Org provides selected research tools and tips on ethics and expert witness law Interested in more places on the internet to find legal forms, litigation tips, and litigation books to help you handle your discovery, litigation, settlement, and trials?

This is a reference page for attorneys who want to know additional sources for discovery, litigation, settlement. and trial forms, and to tell you about the integration of various legal services and products groups into the Bucklin.Organization.

Leonard Bucklin, an experienced and noted trial attorney, is either the editor or the author of the legal texts and management texts and forms, the individual legal forms (firm management, discovery, litigation, settlement, and trial forms) available through the Bucklin.Organization.  Because of the experience and ability of Bucklin, the trial notebook and the individual trial, litigation and deposition checklists, advice packages, and legal forms --- they all bring you efficiency, but more than that. They all bring you a packaged advisor and senior partner level coach.

The over-all umbrella organization for Leonard Bucklin's enterprises, including LawyerTrialForms™, is . (Bucklin.Organization ). is a legal firm management and consulting firm. The website of is a site for numerous articles that will help you in law office management or in the management of your own work and litigation cases.

Leonard Bucklin's work involves constant observance of how lawyers work. Bucklin's conclusion is that lawyers who are organized and use systems are the ones most likely to both make money and make clients happy. That conclusion has formed the premise on which much of his legal forms work is based.

One word and capitalized, the word "DepoForm" is the trademark of a specified seller  of legal forms that save attorneys work in preparing for, or taking, depositions. Lawyer-Deposition-Forms specializes only in deposition checklists and forms, and it is known by its trade name of DepoForm™.  Although more legal forms are available at LawyerTrialForms (because of its broader product line, DepoForm is a specialist group

LawyerSettlementForms™ is a source for negotiation and settlement tips, tactics, and legal forms.  It is in the process of development, but already has some negotiation and settlement forms available for litigation attorneys.

Leonard Bucklin is the author of various printed publications, some of which are sold outside of his enterprises.  One such printed book, called Building Trial Notebooks, is three volumes, about 1000 pages of tips, tactics, and legal forms, annually supplemented. It has practical - up to date - advice for both beginning lawyers and also experienced lawyers, on handling litigation.

In Building Trial Notebooks, Bucklin shows attorneys how to use a notebook organizational system not only for trials, but also for discovery and settlement.  A trial notebook now is a proven way to organize the entire process of handling litigation.  Discovery is easier and more organized. Depositions run smoother and with less wasted time in preparation.  Settlement in alternative dispute forums have more order and hence more power. Trial preparation takes less time because of the orderly preservation of materials as the case progresses.

Building Trial Notebooks is in a traditional law book format: a hard copy, three volume, loose-leaf book set, includes a loose leaf trial binder ready to use. It is sold by James Publishing, an independent publisher.

"Your advice is powerful and innovative. The tone is both helpful and authoritative. The writing is clear, concise, well-illustrated, and supported with some truly fantastic forms. All combine to make this a wonderful package of useful information that is aimed dead-on at ...a lawyer in a small to midsize firm]".

Another of Bucklin's books is Attorney Fee Awards: a handbook for attorneys.  If you want Attorney Fee Awards: a handbook for attorneys as a soft-bound book, for about $51.00, it is available at Booklocker, which publishes and sells the book in its soft-bound format.

However, if you want the eBook version of Attorney Fee Awards, with the advantage of being able to put the forms directly into your computer, then go to www. AttorneyFeeAward which publishs and sells the eBook version.

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