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Investigation for litigation

This page showcases legal articles and forms for litigation lawyers to use in their investigations.

Tactics articles and legal forms to improve performance of your legal investigation tasks as you and your staff  gather information (outside formal discovery) to win the litigation.


Litigation-tested tips, tactics, strategies and legal forms for use in investigation by lawyers for their cases. Some of those items showcased on this page are forms you probably will add to your office and trial notebook. Increase the productivity of your investigation, and maximize your advantages, in discovery, settlement, and trial.

The LawyerTrialForms™  mission statement is "Making Good Lawyers Better."   That mission is the prime reason for our constant addition of new items (many of them free for your use).

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It is NOT as plan to say: "We need to interview all the key witnesses and get any experts we need." That's only a wish. It's not even a goal, because a goal includes specific and measurable steps. A list of specific tasks empowers you to assign, easily, work to the person with the time to get the job done.
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