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IMPROVE the Expert's Videotaped Testimony.

Advice written for experts (novice or not) to read. Advice written  to train experts to testify effectively in a video deposition. "Expert Witness Pointers for Video Depositions."

Many expert witnesses have never testified in any deposition.  More experts have never testified "live and on camera". They are waiting for you to give them advice on their twin terrors of a deposition plus a camera. Give them video deposition advice in clear format, with helpful tips and tactics.

Expert Witness Pointers for Video Depositions is a readable (and succinct) how to" manual for witnesses who are faced with being "on camera" in a video-deposition. Buy one for yourself, so you know what it says.  That allows you to train your expert. 

That's what most of our buyers do.  They buy this advice article and give it to their expert.

But for maximum help to your expert --- you may want to include a talk with your expert to tell him/her:

  • (A) buy Expert Witness Pointers for Video Depositions for his/her own general education, because Expert Witness Pointers for Video Depositions is valuable advice for their personal benefit and training in testifying, and

  • because (B) it's good for the expert to be able to take the position that Expert Witness Pointers for Video Depositions was purchased by them for general education and not for your specific case, and

  • therefore (C) Expert Witness Pointers for Video Depositions does not need to be mentioned when they are asked the usual question what books and articles they "considered or read for this case."

You might even want to help them get it into their computer (it comes in PDF format) while you conference with them!

Use your form today! We deliver electronically in PDF format --- as the integrated last part of the automated purchase process. After you complete your on-line purchase and your credit card is verified, then your browser is automatically redirected to a new webpage with your link to click to download. It's that easy!

We've had experts buy this form directly.  We get feedback from them (one comment came from an expert witness in psychology) telling us this is no-nonsense advice that has helped them be better witnesses!

Everything's guaranteed. No questions. No red tape.  The best guarantee in the law form business. If you do not agree this product is worth every penny, just ask for a refund in 60 days. It's that simple. You keep our product, but get your money back!

You cannot get a better guarantee. In effect you can try anything totally FREE!  You have nothing to lose!

"Give your witness help on how to testify in a videotaped deposition, and make the video deposition effective!"

-- and Make The Witness Feel Better."           

Dear Fellow Attorney,

If you have ever had a good witness look bad on a video deposition, you know the need for coaching the expert witness on the needed skills for being "videotaped".

But you don't want to take the time, and the potential witness really will be overloaded listening to you give an hour lecture in your office on "How to talk to a camera".

That is why I developed my "Expert Witness Pointers for Video Depositions."

This video deposition skill builder will save you hours of prep time with expert witnesses. -- Over the years it builds up to a mountain of time saved by you! Plus you have improved the quality of videotaped testimony.

This is a tremendous resource for you --- and for your expert witness. You will either give this skill builder to your witness every time you need to take his/her video deposition to present at trial  or, alternatively, you'll suggest your expert buy this form.  Moreover, you will do the same (give it to the expert or have the expert buy a copy independently) every time the adverse attorney sends you a notice that she will be deposing your expert and recording it by video.

Most attorneys do not give the expert witness facing a video deposition the help they want.  Why?

  • Most attorneys have no specialized camera-wise advice to give a expert witness facing a video deposition.

  • Most attorneys are not film directors.

  • Most attorneys have no prepared written short hand-out of camera-wise advice for the witness to study and really absorb and remember.

But you can be different!

What if I could hand you a specialized camera-wise set of deposition pointers for your witness? And what if this 11 page instruction set was an easy and inexpensive item?

Our Expert Witness Pointers for Video Depositions gives your expert witness a take-home set of instructions.  It's short.  They will read it.  They will be better witnesses.  Either suggest they buy it independently, or else send it out to them before you get together with him/her for deposition preparation.

When you see your expert witnesses for video pre-deposition conferences, they will have had the benefit of thinking about:

  • how to testify and traps to avoid in depositions,
  • how he/she presents him/herself to the jury, and
  • the special problems of talking to the camera.

Expert Witness Pointers for Video Depositions gives take home instructions and training in the Manner of Testimony, to eliminate fatal fumbling. Expert Witness Pointers for Video Depositions builds confidence and technique in answering questions at the video-taped deposition. We show you the way to make your expert witness at ease (it's part of our ExpertEase™ series).  Help your witness react properly to being on the receiving end of the double barrels of a camera lens and an adverse attorney's questions. 

IMPORTANT: Let me recap. . . 

  • Expert Witness Pointers for Video Depositions takes none of your time to give the witness additional reinforcement of your training.

  • Expert Witness Pointers or Video Depositions is an easy to use tool.

  • Expert Witness Pointers for Video Depositions is what  you need to prepare your expert for deposition with a video camera.

  • Expert Witness Pointers for Video Depositions is your mentor in a box.

  • Expert Witness Pointers for Video Depositions is the difference between a expert that feels you care enough to drill them, instead of thinking you are just an attorney "who doesn't have time".

  • Expert Witness Pointers for Video Depositions is a very low investment with a high value return.

We are selling the Expert Witness Pointers for Video Depositions until the end of , for only $23.

     The fact is, just the FEELING of your witness that you care enough to give help on how to look good must be worth $23.  Consider your small investment a little "emotional insurance policy".

     Not only will you get a great testimony preparation tool, you get a time-saving tool for you.

This is your invitation to become a part of the attorneys who take advantage of this power tool.

All The Best,

Leonard Bucklin, Civil Trial Attorney,

P.S. If Expert Witness Pointers for Video Depositions saves you just one deposition from collapsing - ever - it will have paid for itself many times over.  Attorneys who are using my system right now are saving themselves "should have" thoughts every month.

P.P.S. If you act right now, we are selling the Expert Witness Pointers for Video Depositions until the end of , for only $23. Click the "Buy Now" Button to get Expert Witness Pointers for Video Depositions Now!

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