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Deposition Objections Report and Checklist. A checklist of the objections you and the other side properly can make at a deposition, plus how to handle  adverse objections. Eight pages contain compact law notes for your notebook!

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You are in the area of our website which discusses not only "deposition question outline checklist" (for which checklists we have some reputation), but also items such as deposition notices, subpoenas duces tecum,  motions to quash depositions, and witness preparation advice forms. Below are some of these deposition forms which are not deposition question outline checklists.

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Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfectAll our forms come in a PDF, so you can copy and paste into your word processor. Edit to add specific names or exhibits or case-specific questions. Quickly customize for your case! 

A special note about our witness question checklists: most of them are equally useful in both your deposition preparation and also in your trial questions preparation. Our question outlines will help you organize, focus on critical questions, and prevent overlooking questions you should ask.

You can save time and still be better prepared. You don't even want to start to invest the hundreds of hours of time that went into preparing our legal deposition question outlines, witness preparation handouts, legal forms, and trial notebook forms. Save your legal time and get expertly crafted forms!

Let's say you send an hour creating a legal deposition questions outline in a checklist format for your next deposition.  (If you only spend an hour, it probably will not be a good comprehensive list of all the question areas, but let's use that as a minimum time.)  Now let's say you do that creation of a checklist for your deposition preparation three times.  That's 180  minutes.  Now what is your cost of 180 minutes creating outlines of the  deposition questions? Your costs are not your billing rate --- your costs are the amount it takes to keep the secretary paid and the office rent paid, et cetera.  How much are your costs per hour? Let's say your total cost of sitting there is $50 per hour. That's a total out-of-pocket cost for you creating three deposition outlines of $150.  

Not to mention that most attorneys, especially if they are on a contingent fee basis, want to save time. 

Prepared deposition question checklists, from which you can start to do your customization for your particular case, could easily save you half your time in preparing for depositions.  That's money in your pocket!  The same is true of witness preparation forms, instructions to videographers of your depositions, subpoena duces tecum, and other deposition related forms --- they save you lots of time, and that's money in your pocket.

So the moral of the story is simple:
Use checklists and other solid legal forms
to create depositions that work for you!

But there is more to it than that.  A good deposition form is a lawyer mentor in a box -- guiding you and preventing mistakes. The major time thinking about the items to be included has already been accomplished for you.  You are not likely to miss a point because time to prepare was short. This is the single most important reason for preparing for a deposition by starting with a form --- Forms are a lawyer mentor in a box -- guiding you, preventing mistakes, and adding power to your work product.

Another advantage: Avoid surprises and gather maximum information by using your deposition questions outline checklist in  investigations, and witness conferences.

Another advantage : With a legal form, your legal assistants are more effective in helping the trial attorney if they have a checklist legal form to point the way.  If you have a legal assistant, you will get more help from them if you let them see a checklist of the questions you want to cover in a deposition.  Let's say your premises liability checklist shows "What shoes were you wearing?"  Suddenly the legal assistant knows that he/she should be asking the plaintiff client to bring in the shoes worn on the day of the fall at the premises.  Another example, a legal assistant working for a defense attorney in slip and fall premises case will know that he/she can help the attorney by asking the client to bring in the literature that came with the floor wax the client is using on the floors.

In fact -- we find LA's buying these forms themselves because they want the advantage of a lawyer mentor guiding them on what facts are important and should be gathered.

Preparing your own witnesses with the aid of forms is another subject, which is discussed here.

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