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Attorney Fee Awards
: an easy to read handbook that a lawyer can use in any practice area (except criminal law or domestic relations cases).

The law points, tips, tactics, and legal forms to create and organize your demand or defense on attorney fee awards. Tactics on special procedural steps for attorney fee requests. Proven advice on the evidence you need (or can attack). 

Written in the familiar "Nutshell" or "Handbook for Dummies" style, by an accomplished trial attorney.  It's 199 pages includes pages of forms. More information about this book.

The Attorney Fee Awards Handbook does this for you:

  1. Compactly shows you how to have "The Top Four Elements of Good Time Records."  You must know have these if you want time records that courts rush to use in awarding fees. (If you are on the defending side of the table, the handbook shows how use the lack of those four elements to attack your opponent's request for an award of attorney fees.)

  2. Puts you on alert for the many opportunities today to request an award of attorney fees.

  3. Shows you as plaintiff how to use fee award leverage in settlement. And on the defense, this book shows you how to lay traps in settlement regarding attorney fees.

  4. Warns you of potential pitfalls in presenting an award for fees to the judge.

  5. Gives you question outline forms for deposing the adversary's expert witness on fees, and for doing the direct examination of your own fee expert at deposition or trial.

This is NOT a multi-volume, multi-hundred dollar, textbook with comprehensive discussion of all the law and all the local variations and all the evidence or procedural requirements of every state and federal court for legal costs awards in court judgments. This book IS a quick read handbook. It gets you started in the right direction, so that you as an attorney can find your way efficiently, and are more likely to gain the result your client wants on legal fee awards. This handbook gives you practical tips and forms, such as question outline checklists for the deposition of experts on legal fees.

More information about this book.

The deposition and trial question outline forms mentioned in item #5 above each sell for $27 at DepoForm.  So, you could buy those two forms for a total of $54. But don't do that! Because when you buy Attorney Fee Awards: A Handbook for Attorneys you get both of those two  forms plus more forms and lots of law and text - for only $38. 

The following is part of the back cover of the soft-cover bound book Attorney Fee Awards: A Handbook for Attorneys.  We show it to you below because a book's back cover is a quick summary of the contents.  We had this book converted into an eBook for immediate downloading to your computer. You will get the entire book of law, tips, tactics, and forms as it is printed in the bound book, from front cover to back cover, but instead ready to open, copy, read and use, in your computer. Print forms from the eBook in your computer. Copy and paste text and quotations into your briefs. Use it today --- that is why we sell, and why you probably want, the e-book version.

More information about this book.

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