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Witness after vehicle crash may be a good witness to use. Car, truck, pedestrian accident - Independent witness - not in involved motor vehicle -
An interview & deposition testimony
questions outline checklist.

For witnesses who were not riding in a vehicle involved in the motor vehicle accident (MVA), but  who saw the occurrence or events leading up to it. Or witnesses who arrived only after the crash. personnel.

A question checklist for "before or after" eyewitnesses. E.g., a witness who saw driver behavior relevant to the accident, or who saw the position of the vehicles after the collision and before they were moved off the roadway, or heard "excited utterances" (admissible hearsay))  of a party..

#MVA6010 Independent witness not occupant of involved vehicle is a legal form deposition question checklist that gives you:

  • Organized Outline of Questions. You will have a checklist of questions that cover topics for the independent witness, including ----
         First Sighting and Subsequent Movements of Vehicles.
         Pedestrian Involved, If Any,
         The Impact between Vehicles, or with Pedestrian,
          After Impact Events, including vehicle positions, alcohol evidence,
          what parties said, and injuries observed by witness at the scene.
    (We have other forms that are designed for questioning
             a driver or passenger of a vehicle involved in the collision,
             or for a police officer.  See our section of the catalog devoted to our several MVA forms.)

  • Time.  A good legal form saves you time. Don't reinvent the wheel, and don't waste time when you have more important things to do.
  • Confidence.  A good legal form gives you confidence that in a few minutes you have prepared so that you will cover what you need to cover, and you can move surely and swiftly during the deposition.

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Independent lay witness in a motor vehicle case? Use a form to auto-pilot the process of drafting written questions that cover the usual topics of information you can get from witnesses who were not riding in one of the involved motor vehicles. Of course, as a lawyer, you must determine for yourself our form's fitness for your purpose, and apply your  professional legal skills to determine the legal requirements of your local jurisdiction, and the needs of your particular case in relation to the specific witness. But 99% of the time, this list of  questions are all you need to head to the deposition.

When you have an independent witness, you have an advantage.  Don't waste it. In The jury usually regards witnesses who were not in the involved vehicles as trustworthy.  Take your time during the deposition of them, and use a checklist to be sure you have not left out a normal item to cover.

One more thing: with this legal form in your computer armory for vehicle accidents, you have a great tool when you interview ambulance, fire, and tow truck personnel that arrived on the scene.  This checklist is not only for deposition and trial testimony, it also works for interviews.

Within the class of “independent crash or scene witnesses, i.e., not occupants of involved vehicles”, there are two main divisions, (1) those who saw facts of the occurrence or events leading up to it, and (2) those who only arrived after the MVA impact. This checklist can be used for witnesses in both those divisions.

Use it for those independent, non-police, witnesses who were either eyewitnesses to the accident or eyewitnesses to the accident scene, whether of physical facts or what drivers or witnesses said at the scene. Thus this checklist can be used not only for a pedestrian who saw the accident, but also for a witness in a later arriving car who did not see the accident occur, but e.g., had stopped at the scene while skid marks were evident or a driver was telling bystanders what happened.

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