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Short Checklist — Photo Assignment —
Motor Vehicle Acciden

By the time the motor vehicle accident (MVA) case  gets to you, the vehicles have been moved from the accident scene, but you still need photos of both the scene and also of the vehicles. You need a checklist of the needed photographs. The MVA photo checklist form has instructions for the 24 photos you should have in any two vehicle accident. This checklist is in a format that can be used at the accident scene --- with check off boxes to prevent omissions of photos.

Prevent photo omissions.

A motor vehicle accident client who takes these photos becomes a more confident and accurate witness.

This inexpensive Checklist - Photo Assignment gives you:

  • Instructions to give an investigator you have never used before or to give to an inexperienced investigator;

  • A checklist to you, the attorney, of photos you need to adequately determine what you can prove and whether witnesses are correct;

  • Instructions you give your client, if he/she was a driver involved in the MVA, so you can adequately and specifically instruct them to take photos of their car or the scene for you. These are must- have instructions you need to delegate some photo-taking to your client, something you must do to efficiently handle minor MVA cases where your budget of investigative time and money is limited. Furthermore, assigning the client this duty makes the client a more confident and accurate witness about the scene, distances, and visibility.

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Our MVA photo assignment form is designed so that you can give it not only to an investigator, but also to your own client. Even if you have photos from your own investigator or from an outside source, and do not need any more photos, there is great value in asking your client to take such photos.

An automobile or truck accident client who takes these photos becomes a more confident and accurate witness.

Assigning the client to do photographs forces the client to take the time to actually look at the scene and not just do a drive-by. Taking the photos impresses the client's mind with what he/she saw, or could have seen, and the actual distances and places involved in the accident. For example, after he/she has followed the instruction to take a photo "about 200 feet from the impact point," he/she will be much better at giving estimates of distances involved and what he/she and the adverse driver did at various points before impact.

We have additional forms for motor vehicle accidents, but this form is a basic one from LawyerTrialForms™ .  The key words for this form are photographs, easy  checklist, car or truck accident case.  This form will be used in most of your auto or truck, street, parking lot, or highway accident cases.

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