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Do you need to establish that the truck driver was (or was not) was under the control of the company (so as to impute the negligence of the driver to the company)?

Use our Deposition Checklist on both sides of the case.

Truck or Car Accident - Company Responsible?

Whichever side of the case you are on: it is the way you handle the driver's deposition that will establish that the driver was (or was not) under the control of the defendant company.

Deposition (or trial) checklist about the effective control of a driver.

Use this legal form checklist as a additional part of the deposition of the driver (or on the defense side, for preparing that driver for his deposition)  This form also can be used if you are deposing (or preparing) a company executive on the question of the company’s control.

    "The outline was perfect - I have a driver who the defendant is claiming to be an independent contractor, and I needed questions for his depo this morning. 
    The questions were right on point.
    Thank you for everything!!"
     C. Garcia, Texas Lawyer

This checklist is designed for taking either the deposition of either the vehicle driver, or the defendant company's executive, to establish that the company was in control of the driver at the time of the MVA.  However, if you are a defense lawyer, use this checklist for preparation of the defense witness who is being deposed, to assure that your defense witness has thought about the items likely to be asked.  This checklist has the items that every plaintiff's attorney should ask about in a deposition, and to which  every defendant's attorney should have prepared her client to respond appropriately.

And of course, this deposition checklist also works as a checklist for trial questions or preparation of trial witnesses.

Most attorneys have no real system to prepare for a deposition on the issue of defendant's master-servant control of the truck and truck driver involved in a truck accident. They waste time, and they miss issues and questions they should ask.

But that doesn't have to be you.

My Deposition Checklist - Company's Control of Driver is a mentor in a box, coaching you on the master-servant fact points in a truck accident. Points you should consider in the MVA truck case and during your examination of the target defense witness. (Or if you are the responding attorney, telling you the points on which you need to prepare your witness to stand up to the questions properly.)

Just think. for a few dollars you get a coach's advice that would take an hour for the coach to dictate.  This is certainly one of the best investments you can make to get quick answers to the content and organization of questions you need to ask the witness.

Three big points.

  • The Deposition Checklist on Company's Control of Driver will make you better organized, in half the time you otherwise would spend.  (Some attorneys will find they are saving 60, 70, even 75% of the deposition preparation time.)
  • The Deposition Checklist on Company's Control of Driver will give you the confidence of knowing that an expert trial attorney has coached you on items to include to ask about n the master - servant relationship in truck driving, so you are not forgetting critical items.
  • The Deposition Checklist on Company's Control of Driver is a very low investment with a high value return.

You can own Deposition Checklist - Company's Control of Driver for the price of only $32.

Here's more great news.

Use your form today! We deliver electronically --- as the integrated last part of the automated purchase process.  After you complete your on-line purchase and your credit card is verified, then your browser is automatically redirected to a new webpage with your link to click to download.  At the end of your purchase, simply wait for your browser to be redirected to a new webpage,  click the link as instructed,  and you have the form in your computer.  It's that easy and quick! 

Our forms are furnished in PDF format, right to your computer. They are not "shipped", with additional cost and delay.  More: they are delivered "unlocked".  You can modify your form with your word processor, if you wish, immediately. Print the form from your computer, today.

In fact, if you have a truck MVA deposition coming up tomorrow, buy my system now, and start preparation five minutes from now.  We deliver it to you right now, in PDF format for you to open and copy and use on your computer immediately!

What is Deposition Checklist - Company's Control of Driver?

Deposition Checklist - Company's Control of Driver is a simple, easy to follow standard for listing and evaluating the questions you should ask. It is available here at this site. Either a plaintiff or defendant attorney can use this document in a MVA truck case and in any size firm. 

This is a simple to follow checklist. Before the deposition, you'll know what you need to ask the witness--- and you will be organized!

Here's what Deposition Checklist - Company's Control of Driver will do for you:

  • Deposition Checklist tells you the questions you need to ask in the deposition.  Not only the usual master - servant relationship questions, but also the questions peculiar to driving a truck. For example, did you know that ICC rules require the company to make and keep an annual review of the driver's driving?  If you did not have our checklist, would you think of asking for it?
  • Deposition Checklist is on your computer in PDF format, for you to change and add items quickly for your specific case.
  • Deposition Checklist organizes your deposition questions, from opening to closing.
  • Deposition Checklist saves you time in preparing your questions.  Depo prep time is cut dramatically.
  • Deposition Checklist gives you a low-cost way to put together your deposition questions, efficiently, just like seasoned litigators or 30 years or more.
  • Deposition Checklist shows you are organized, which keeps the respect of the court and opposing counsel. (Do you know how important that is in the settlement negotiations that will come after the depositions?)
  • Deposition Checklist lets you go forth to the deposition or trial in the confidence of preparation.
  • Deposition Checklist helps you think through and plan all aspects of the deposition, so you are sure to hit every important point.  

IMPORTANT: Let me recap.

bullet Deposition Checklist - Company's Control of Driver prepares you better than you ever have been before on these issues, in less time.
bullet Deposition Checklist - Company's Control of Driver will keep you laser focused on developing your questions, not fumbling like an amateur.
bullet Deposition Checklist - Company's Control of Driver is a very low investment with a high value return.

Think about this. . . when you walk into the deposition, you will feel one of two ways: Prepared or Unprepared. I don't need to ask you which one is a better feeling.

The fact is, just the FEELING of being prepared for one deposition alone must be worth$32. Consider your small investment a little "emotional insurance policy." When you walk in feeling prepared, the other side will notice.

This is your invitation to become a part of the handful of attorneys who know the power of using a deposition checklist to be prepared faster and better.

All The Best,

Leonard Bucklin
Civil Trial Attorney

P.S. If Deposition Checklist - Company's Control of Driver saves you just one hour of time - ever - it will have paid for itself. Attorneys who are using my system right now are saving valuable hours every year.

P.P.S. Remember, you can own Deposition Checklist - Company's Control of Driver if you act right now, you can still get this product, in its newest version, for the price of only $32.

P.P.P.S. People who buy this form usually also buy the $14 form (six pages) for Notice of Deposing Corporation regarding Control of Driver and Independent Negligence of Corporation

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