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Doctors doing surgery may be witnesses at trial.
Deposing Doctors and Medical Witnesses in a Lawsuit Involving Bodily Injury? 

Save yourself valuable office preparation time  --- and still be more and better prepared   --- start your medical testimony preparation with a LawyerTrialForms deposition or trial testimony questions outline checklist.

Direct testimony or cross-examination of medical witnesses and medical doctors in bodily injury cases.

Work smarter, faster, and win!  The LawyerTrialForms  Medical Deposition Question Outline Checklists are legal form power. They are tools with versatile use in personal injury litigation.  You will use them to:

  • Depose the adverse physician or surgeon.
  • Prepare your trial cross-examination of the adverse doctors.
  • Prepare your own physician or surgeon for the questions they will face at deposition from the adversary attorney.
  • Outline the direct examination questions you want to ask your own medical witnesses  at trial.
Forms are a mentor in a box -- guiding you and preventing mistakes.

Over the years, these medical deposition and trial question outline checklist forms will save you hours of depo and trial prep time. -- a real value for the time it saves you.!

We have more! For example an eleven page checklist outline for direct testimony of the plaintiff's physical therapist in a bodily injury case. List of Medical Personnel and Issues - Deposition and Trial Forms - Advice and Questions Outlines Checklists

Before I had a set of comprehensive injury deposition checklists, for all the standard types of depositions (and believe me, a doctor's deposition in a BI case is "standard") I would spend hours getting my notes ready for the deposition questions.

I would spend all that time --- before I had a set of comprehensive deposition questions checklists --- so I could ask all the right questions in a deposition. But --- after 35 years of litigation, I had developed checklists that I could whip out and immediately be half way to finishing my depo or trial question preparation. I had no trouble being fully prepared, sometimes in a half-hour.

The fact is, good litigation attorneys love deposition outline checklists for one simple reason:

Checklists get you organized when you do not have much available time.

The fact is, although you do not like to think about it, you, like all litigation attorneys need deposition and trial checklists for one simple reason:

Checklists prevent attorney blunders of forgetting questions.

If you are human, you will forget something, sometime.  You do not want to forget an area of deposition or trial examination.  You do not want to be kicking yourself after the deposition or trial because you forgot something that would have been in a standardized checklist that experienced litigators develop after years of personal injury litigation.

Most attorneys have no real system to prepare for a deposition of a doctor in a bodily injury case. They start from scratch each time, outlining the questions they should ask. They waste time preparing for the deposition, and more importantly, they miss issues and questions they should ask.

But that doesn't have to be you.

You now have the ability to get the time-saving and "save-me-worry" forms --Medical Depositions, Questions Outlines Checklists -- forms that seasoned litigation lawyers and their legal assistants develop after a several years of taking depositions. In fact, my copyrighted Doctor Deposition, Questions Outlines Checklists are so powerful, even experienced attorneys will wonder how you happened to be so organized --- and confident.

Three big points.

bullet Medical Depositions, Questions Outlines Checklists will make you better organized than you ever have been, in half the time.
bullet Medical Depositions, Questions Outlines Checklists will give you the confidence of knowing that an expert trial attorney has coached you on items to include, so you are not forgetting questions to ask at depositions and trials.
bullet Medical Depositions, Questions Outlines Checklists are a very low investment with a high value return.

This is your invitation to become a part of the group of successful litigators who take advantage of these power litigation tools --- Medical Depositions, Questions Outlines Checklists

All The Best,

Leonard Bucklin
Attorney at Law

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Medical Depositions, Questions Outlines Checklists

These deposition questions outline forms are applicable to medical depositions of doctors, hospital surgeons, IME examining doctors.  If there is a bodily injury, there will need to be a deposition of the physician or surgeon.  These forms target those depositions.  For depositions in other areas of litigation, see our Product Catalog.

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