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From our ExpertEase™ group of forms
Checklist for Deposition of the Adverse Expert Witness. 

21 pages of Advice and Questions to Ask the Adverse Expert Witness. You get quick and sure efficiency in preparing for the critical deposition.

Deposition and Discovery Checklists, Trial Forms, Litigation Forms, and Trial Notebook!

Liquor liability cases and liquor liability laws involve special topics. Outlining your expected depositions of the intoxicated person and those furnishing the alcoholic beverage involves special groups of questions!

Our deposition outline questions, checklists and legal forms, regarding dram shop and other alcoholic-beverage-involved-torts, are weapons that concentrate the firepower of your questions.

Entire suite of multiple deposition outlines, plus demand for production.

Liquor Liability Deposition Questions Suite is 48 pages long,  and has within it four separate deposition outlines.   There are question outlines for

(1) the dram shop owner or alcoholic beverage provider,
(2) the allegedly intoxicated person,
(3) an investigating police officer, and
(4) a non-party witness to drinking.

"The LL Suite is very helpful. It provided me with some great insights and tactical ideas. I'm glad I purchased it. I look forward to purchasing more products from your catalogue."
 H. Green, Illinois.
The Liquor Liability suite of deposition questions, checklists, and legal forms is for use in cases involving the sale or other delivery of liquor in any occurrence that causes a intoxicated person to have an accident, whether it be an MVA (motor vehicle accident) (car , truck or pedestrian), slip and fall, or product liability case..  The Liquor Liability Deposition Questions Suite is aimed at liquor law, dram shop, and alcoholic beverage involvement in tort accident injuries of all types. 

Here is more good news. Liquor Liability Deposition Questions Suite not only has deposition questions in outline checklist format; it also has tips and advice, including what should be in a demand for production to the seller of alcoholic beverages.   

Applicable to your use in dram shop cases or whenever alcoholic impairment is involved, Liquor Liability Deposition Questions Suite  is a very low investment with a high value return. Not only will you get a great deposition testimony preparation tool, saving you lots of time over the year ahead, if you act by midnight of , you'll get it for the special pricing of only $72.99. (That's cheaper than you can type an outline in your own office!  That's a time-saving, money-saving value.)

We are selling the four deposition outline question checklists, as the Liquor Liability Deposition Questions Suite until midnight of  , for only $72.99

Attorneys and legal assistants in liquor liability cases normally need more than one of our special forms for these cases.  Instead of  charging full price for each separately, and handling multiple transactions, we have bundled four separate  deposition question outline forms into a suite.  Then we have added, additionally,  tips and advice into the suite.  The result?  Our Liquor Liability Deposition Questions Suite!  You get four different deposition questions checklists

(1) the dram shop owner or alcoholic beverage provider,
(2) the allegedly intoxicated person,
(3) an investigating police officer, and
(4) a non-party witness to drinking.

plus tips and tactical advice, for less than the price of any three forms purchased separately.   Plus it has a Demand For Production of Documents form addressed to the dram shop.

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Our forms are furnished in PDF format, right to your computer. They are not "shipped", with additional cost and delay.  More: they are delivered "unlocked".  You can modify your form with your word processor, if you wish, immediately. Print the form from your computer, today.

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What could be fairer or easier than that!

These deposition question outline checklist forms are not just for DUI motor vehicle civil litigation anymore! These pattern deposition questions outlines have so much material from which to choose that they are applicable to any litigation involving the drinking of alcoholic beverages, whether it be a drinking driver,  a slip and fall by a customer who came in with a beer in hand, or the operation of factory equipment by an impaired person.

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