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"BI Take-Home Form: a time-saver & evidence-builder."

"Have your bodily injury client bring you the items you need for evidence or for your proper development of the BI case. Do it the efficient way, by giving your client a “take-home” form of your requests and advice."

Comprehensive, single spaced, 4 -page form saves you time and prevents mistakes. Have your BI client take this home and use it as a checklist of what he/she needs to do to help you!

Here's what the BI3021 Take Home Form will do for you:

  1. Lists items you need to think about gathering, tells you concisely, and tells you in a no-nonsense practical way.

  2. Gives the client a take-home list of items to bring in to you, to build the case better.

  3. Saves you time in preparing your case.  Allows you to put some of your evidence gathering on  "auto-pilot." A secretary or legal assistant can follow up easily to gather evidence that will be an engine for success.

  4. Helps you think through and plan some of the evidence gathering discussion you want to have with your client.

  5. Prevents you forgetting to tell the client some important points.

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If you have handled more than one personal injury case on the claimant's side, you already have learned that there are a number of things you should ask your client to bring you, significant information or evidence that you can use to build the case. Mechanize the procedure with a take-home form, and you gain three things.

  • The form prevents forgetting items. The form serves as checklist for both you and also for your plaintiff client.
  • The form saves you time. By using take-home forms, you do not have to talk at length about each item on the list, only the most important items.
  • Indeed your legal assistant can take the whole time burden of these requests off you, because you have a form for the LA’s to use as a checklist, plus being something for the LA to hand the client, saving the LA time.

This form is built for plaintiff's attorneys.  It is targeted to the common situation of a plaintiff's bodily injury case involving a motor vehicle accident.  However, you can copy the form to your word processor, and quickly modify it to fit your practice, or to build other forms for other types of cases you commonly handle.

Modify it, in only a few items,  for cases other than motor vehicle accidents. E.g., in products cases you leave in all the bodily injury items (like medical expense keeping and telling the client to watch out for being the object of surveillance); but you use your word processor to modify the request for photos of the accident site and car damage to become a request for all the product literature they still have at home.

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